Seymour Duncan SFX-11 Twin Tube Blue Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal


The Twin Tube Blue is the perfect pedal for the no-compromise blues player.

High-quality, two-channel, guitar preamp pedal voiced for blues. Uses a pair of premium, mil-spec, subminiature, USA-made Phillips-Sylvania® 6111 dual triode tubes. Great for all things blues, as well as classic rock.

Too often, inexpensive tube gear runs in “starved plate mode,” where the tubes are not actually helping to create the distortion. The Twin Tube Blue’s high-plate voltage and 100% vacuum tube signal path allows the tubes to operate at their fullest potential and provide maximum dynamic range. This means you get the most gain and all the smooth tone you expect from a high-quality tube preamp. Two channels, with individual volume and gain controls provide a ton of versatility. Like all Seymour Duncan pedals, the Twin Tube Blue is true bypass and features a heavy duty steel chassis.

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