The latest iteration of TC Electronic’s flagship delay pedal
10 delay types including the Crystal delay from the compact Flashback 2 pedal
10 preset note subdivisions plus 1 custom setting
Dedicated Tap switch keeps your delay effects right on the beat
3 MASH footswitches put expression control under your foot
6 TonePrint slots give you instant access to custom presets made by top guitarists
Preset bank switch supplies easy access to up to 6 stored presets
40-second looper with footswitches for Record, Play/Pause, Play Once, and Undo/Redo
Expression pedal and MIDI inputs enable remote preset changes and external MIDI synchronization
Analog-dry-through circuitry preserves your analog tone
Stereo I/O allows you to create expansive soundscapes

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TC’s Flagship Delay Pedal
Flashback 2 X4 is the latest iteration of TC Electronic’s flagship delay pedal. It features 10 delay types, including TC’s new Crystal delay and hyperrealistic Analog and Tape emulations. Craft all kinds of interesting rhythmic delay patterns, thanks to a dedicated Tap switch and 10 preset note subdivisions. Enjoy touch-sensitive expression control, courtesy of three MASH footswitches. You also get six TonePrint slots and up to six stored presets for rapid, easy recall. Want to create spellbinding layered performances? Flashback 2 X4’s built-in 40-second looper makes it easy — and fun! What’s more, expression pedal and MIDI inputs enable remote preset changes and external MIDI synchronization. Flashback 2 X4 includes analog-dry-through circuitry to preserve your analog tone, along with stereo I/O for creating expansive soundscapes. If you enjoyed its predecessor, you’ll love the many player-friendly features included with Flashback 2 X4.

The brand new TC ELECTRONIC FLASHBACK 2 X4 DELAY with Black Spirit 200
Loaded with tone-shaping tools
Flashback 2 X4 includes a dedicated Tap switch to keep your delay effects right on the beat — hands-free. You can select from 10 preset note subdivisions plus one custom setting, which are independent from Flashback 2 X4’s 10 delay types. The way this delay pedal handles your dry signal is also unique, giving it an all-analog path that blends with the effected signal. On top of all these great features, Flashback 2 X4 also includes TC Electronic’s TonePrint technology, which allows you to download custom delay styles made by some of today’s top guitarists.

Six TonePrint slots to customize your delay
TonePrint-enabled pedals, such as TC Electronic’s Flashback 2 X4, allow you to use the TonePrint app to download custom-designed artist presets. You can also use the TonePrint editor software to create your own custom settings. Flashback 2 X4 allows you to load up six different TonePrint presets simultaneously for more flexibility onstage. When you need instant access to your tone, just choose one of the six TonePrints you’ve loaded and away you go.

Three MASH footswitches for expressive effects
Three innovative MASH footswitches give Flashback 2 X4 amazing creative potential. In addition to instant toggling between delay sounds, these pressure-sensitive footswitches can be used in a similar fashion to an expression pedal. Use them to swell the delay mix, bring modulation to the repeats, and even increase the feedback amount. Or assign other parameters to the MASH footswitches for even more sonic creativity.

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