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12AX7-equipped, real tube overdrive pedal
Warm tone with incredible tube dynamics
Great responsiveness to player dynamics and guitar volume control adjustments
True bypass for signal integrity
Rugged metal chassis is ready to endure a life of gigging
Runs on TC Powerplug 9 (not included)
Designed in Denmark

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Real Tube Tone
The TC Electronic Tube Pilot Overdrive features a real 12AX7 preamp valve to give you a warm and dynamic tone with the rich harmonic sound that only tubes can produce. TC wanted to produce a pedal that had no gimmicks, such as glowing tube lights and other aesthetic features. Instead, they have created a pedal that looks simple on the outside, yet plug it in and you’ll be amazed by its real tube sound.

Dynamic Tube Sounds and Feel
Tube overdrives feature a natural compression and sustain, especially when pushed hard. They also produce an incredible dynamic range that responds very well to player dynamics and guitar volume adjustments. The TC Electronic Tube Pilot’s overdrive features all of these characteristics and will clean up nicely when you roll back your guitar volume, just like a real tube amp.

Transparent Tone
The Tube Pilot features no EQ controls for one very reason; it is designed to let the real tone of your guitar through in its most natural state. With the tube warmth that the pedal provides, the overall result is great tonal transparency that will really show off the natural characteristics of your instrument. The pedal features a true bypass so that your signal will remain beautifully uncoloured when not in use. The Tube Driver can also act as a booster for your valve amp, pushing it into increased saturation for sympathetic sustaining tones.

Built For The Road
The Tube Pilot is constructed with a rugged metal chassis and the circuit is an all-analogue design. TC Electronic have a huge range of effects pedals and studio gear in their lineup, so you can trust that they have the expertise to make a valve pedal work reliably and consistently for a life of gigging.

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