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Delivers Dynamic Emulations of Classic Rotating Speakers
Easy-to-Use Control Layout & Chorale/Tremolo Settings
True Bypass Offers Consistent Tone When Pedal’s Not in Use
Top-Mounted Jacks Maximise Space on Pedalboards
Compact, Roadworthy Enclosure, Perfect for Gigs

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The TC Electronic VIBRACLONE is a rotary emulator pedal for electric guitar. Its all-analog design is a recreation of the classic Vibratone Rotating Speaker pedal. When you want the vintage sound of a guitar piped through the rotary speaker normally reserved for a B3 organ, this pedal will fit the bill.

Two knobs are provided for easy control. Speed controls the rate of the effect, while Drive adjusts the amount of added saturation and grit. The Chorale/Tremolo switch changes the range of the Speed knob. Chorale emulates more of a slow, rotating speaker, while Tremolo provides a more fast and whirling sound. When you flip this switch during playing, the effect will gradually shift between the two extremes, a startling effect reminiscent of a vintage rotary cabinet.

The VIBRACLONE can be powered with a 9V battery or a PSU-SB DC power supply, both of which are available separately. The pedal utilizes a true bypass footswitch, so that your signal remains pristine and unaffected when it’s disengaged. The VIBRACLONE also has a rugged metal frame so that it can stand up to the rigors of the road.

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