2 flanger types spanning the tone from classic rock rhythm to the roar of a 747 taking off
TonePrint gives you instant access to custom pedal tweaks made top guitar players
Stereo I/O for added flexibility
Switchable True Bypass lets you preserve your tone
Analog-Dry-Through provides maximum tonal integrity and clarity
Speed, Depth, Feedback and Delay Time controls
Easy battery access
Small footprint saves precious pedal board space
High quality digital and analog components
Ultra-tough road-ready design

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A Classic Effect with Futuristic Style!
Flanging is one of the most classic modulation effects, discovered by accident and clutivated by some of the best guitarists in rock history. The TC Electronic Vortex flange takes this breathtaking effect to a whole new dimension. Speed, depth, feedback and delay-time controls take you though a wide range of flanging, from mild to jet engine extremes. The Vortex’s feedback control is particularly unique, in that it allows you to dial in both positive and negative feedback, for totally different tone styles. A toggle switch also lets you select from modern flanging to classic tape-style warble. But there’s even more to the Vortex flanger. In the center position, the toggle switch lets you access one of TC’s TonePrint flanger styles, which you can download to your Vortex via USB. These alternate flanger styles include several presets made by some of today’s hottest guitarists.

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