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Highly sought-after overdrive boost circuit with warm tone and amazing dynamic response
Dual concentric gain control blends distortion with a buffered clean signal for transparent, amp-like tones
Treble control adjusts the highs without thinning out the bass
FAT mod switch increases bass and fattens up the bottom end
Stepped-up internal voltage for huge dynamic range and plenty of output on tap via the volume knob
Internal DIP switch toggles true bypass and discreet buffered bypass
All-analog circuit produces rich warm tones
Compact footprint fits on any pedalboard
Top-mounted jacks allow more pedals to be stacked onto your pedalboard
Built-like-a-tank construction

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ZEUS DRIVE has arrived direct from the heavens. With its highly sought-after overdrive boost circuit, this golden chalice among overdrive pedals has a luxurious warm tone and quite an astonishing dynamic response, injecting the nectar of the Gods directly into your guitar sound.

ZEUS DRIVE’s dual concentric gain control progressively blends overdrive into your clean signal whilst simultaneously increasing clipping for a crystal clear, amp-like touch and response.

Rather than being armed with the same old traditional tone control, ZEUS DRIVE’s treble knob allows you to dial-in and tailor your highs without ever thinning the lows.

Engage the FAT switch on ZEUS DRIVE to increase bass and literally fatten up that bottom end for gut-wrenching, chugging, riffery.

ZEUS DRIVE internally steps up your 9V DC voltage resulting in huge dynamic range and buckets of output level on tap via the volume control, beyond all proportion to its compact size.

The drive section of ZEUS DRIVE’s all analog circuit, comes fully armed with a pair of 1N34A Germanium diodes that deliver smooth, soft clipping and sweet, pleasing highs.

We’ve included a DIP switch inside the belly of ZEUS DRIVE for you to choose between true bypass or a high quality discreet buffered bypass. The option is all yours.

ZEUS DRIVE is housed in an amazingly compact, built-like-a-tank metal box. Ever conscious that your pedal collection may be growing while your pedalboard may not, we’ve mounted the jack sockets and power input on the top of the housing to save you valuable pedalboard real estate. Allowing you to stack more pedals than ever before in a row.

Weight 1 kg
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