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Walrus Audio Aetos Power Supply Features:
8-output, fully isolated DC power supply
Custom-wound toroidal transformer provides exceptional noise filtering and remarkably clean power
Experience your signal chain in all its sonic purity
Features 6 x 100mA outputs and 2 high-current 300mA outputs
120VAC Out outlet for use with proprietary power supplies, cell phone chargers, rope lights, and more
Includes a 5-foot 120VAC detachable power cord, 8 x 2.1mm barrel black (fits most standard pedals) power cables and 2 red-to-black (Line 6-style) power cables

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The Walrus Audio Aetos delivers enough juice to power up to eight of your effects pedals. This 8-output, fully isolated power supply is loaded with a custom-wound toroidal transformer, providing you with exceptional noise filtering and remarkably clean power. With the Aetos powering your pedalboard, you’ll experience your signal chain in all of its sonic purity. This power supply features six 100mA outputs and two high-current 300mA outputs, which are tailor-made for your power-hungry digital pedals. Housed in a rugged die-cast enclosure, the Aetos comes with eight 2.1mm barrel black power cables and two red-to-black (Line 6-style) power cables.

The artists, musicians, and engineers at Walrus Audio take pleasure in chasing sounds that inspire, like the perfect breakup of an overdrive, a beautifully thick distortion, an endlessly sustaining reverb, and a self-oscillating delay. Simply put, these guys love to play with sound. They design stompboxes that re-create the sonic textures that they hear in their heads. Built by sound-tweakers for sound-tweakers, Walrus Audio’s guitar pedals are as versatile as they are functional.

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