Walrus Audio Ages 5-State Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal W15-900-1052

Rp4.125.000 Rp3.300.000

Whether it’s the only drive pedal in your signal chain, or you’re stacking it with other pedals, the Walrus Audio Ages overdrive pedal delivers a huge range of low- and high-gain tones. It’s a highly adaptable overdrive pedal — a 5-way rotary selector gives you five different flavors of gain and clipping to play with. Use the dedicated Dry knob to combine the saturation of the overdrive with the precise, articulate sound of your dry guitar tone. Choose the overdrive mode that sounds best for your music, use the Dry knob to fine-tune the sonic balance, and you’re ready to rock. With a wide range of overdrive tones to explore, the Walrus Audio Ages overdrive pedal is a worthy addition to any guitarist’s pedalboard.

Overdrive effects pedal for electric guitar
5-way rotary selector offers a range of low- and high-gain overdrive tones
Dry control blends your dry signal with the overdrive for added clarity and punch
Silicon soft clipping modes offer a smooth, compressed character
LED soft clipping modes generate open, less-compressed tones
Requires 9-volt power supply, not included

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