Walrus Audio Polychrome Flanger Pedal W15-900-1059

Rp4.125.000 Rp3.300.000

Serving double duty as a traditional flanger and a vibrant vibrato effect, the Walrus Audio Polychrome effects pedal will add big creative potential to your pedalboard. A 2-way voicing switch offers two distinct flavors of flanging: a traditional, full-frequency effect or a more complex, notched flange effect with less low end. And when you need a vibrato effect instead of flanging, simply turn the feedback down to minimum and turn the D-F-V knob all the way up. Complete with an all-analog signal path, a relay-based soft switch, and an ultra-rugged, die-cast metal construction, the Walrus Audio Polychrome pedal will exceed your sonic expectations.

All-analog flanger/vibrato effects pedal with relay-based true bypass switching
2-way voicing switch offers two distinct flavors of flanging
3 selectable modulation waveforms to further fine-tune the modulation effect
D-F-V switch ranges from dry (no effect) to traditional flanging to full pitch vibrato
Rugged construction with die-cast metal housing
Requires 9V power supply (not included)

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