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Ultra-flexible and easy-to-use stereo zone mixer for commercial sound systems and fixed installation applications
2 ultra-low noise line inputs with level controls for stereo or mono sources
6 stereo zone output channels each featuring source 1 and 2 level controls
Source 1 and 2 input channels are internally routed to all 6 zone channels
Stereo/mono switch on each zone sums left and right signal into mono mode
Separate 5-segment LED meters for each zone channel to indicate signal activity
Servo-balanced inputs and outputs with gold-plated XLR connectors
“Planet Earth” switching power supply for maximum flexibility (100 – 240 V~), noise-free audio, superior transient response plus low power consumption for energy savings
Designed and engineered in Germany

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A professional dual-input, stereo zone mixer designed specifically for fixed installations, the rack-mountable ULTRAZONE ZMX2600 can distribute your music programming and announcements to up to six zones (rooms). Typical applications include restaurants, office spaces, health clubs and houses of worship, just to name a few.

The ZMX2600 lets you take up to 2 stereo input signals and route them to any, or all of 6 destinations. Maybe you want to play stereo music for clients waiting in the lobby of your office complex and page people in the work area. Another example might be the small church that wants to play soft music in the foyer, mic the preacher in the sanctuary, then send the sermon and music to the nursery. These are all perfect applications for the ZMX2600 – two sound sources, multiple zones, total flexibility!

Here are some examples of the ZMX2600 mixer in action – let’s say you own a restaurant and want to:
– Play the audio from the televised game in the bar
– Play background music in the lobby/waiting area and page patrons

The ULTRAZONE ZMX2600 is the ideal way to create the perfect environment for your customers, or even for distributing music throughout your own home.

Thanks to its intuitive control panel, even inexperienced users will find the ZMX2600 easy to operate. Its professional features will give you total control over your sonic environment – and the ZMX2600 is ultra-affordable. Pick one up at your local dealer, or order the incredible ULTRAZONE ZMX2600 online today!

Weight 2 kg
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