BIEMA B2-108 Power 8inch 200watt Speaker Aktif satuan

Rp2.450.000 Rp1.715.000

Biema B2 are a series of active speakers newly-launched. There are total five kinds of sizes. The 6”, 8” and 10” cabinets are not only stylish but also very compact, which can easy decorate any kinds of sound venues. The 12” and 15” cabinets are far more high power than traditional plastics speakers, which can complete with corresponding wooden cabinets in the same sizes. All speakers feature broad directivity, stunning mid and high sound reproduction, rich voice reinforcement and rugged quality. Its durability and quality, flexibility and scalability provide a variety of solutions for those small sound reinforcement venues such as Speech and vocals, music playback in entertainment, institutional venues especially when ease of use and portability are important factors or even live sound reinforcement.

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