GENELEC 8330ARW Speaker Monitor 1 PAIR


If you need an accurate, professional nearfield monitor that’s easy to calibrate for any professional mixing setup, the Genelec 8330A is a fantastic option. Offered here in a raw finish to better match your surroundings, this monitor is geared toward professional mixing engineers who work in small control rooms, project studios, and mobile setups. The 8330A offers software calibration to automatically tune the monitor to your environment, eliminating any need for hardware boundary controls, software monitor correction, or extraneous room treatment.

This is a monitor that offers a wide sweet-spot for which the room does not matter, so you can rest assured that what you’re hearing is accurate in both the mixer’s chair and the assistant’s seat. With digital as well any analog inputs, the monitor can accommodate your specific needs, whether you need to route sound from an audio interface, or require the ultramodern setup that a digial AES system enables.

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