GENELEC 8340ARWM Speaker Monitor 1 PAIR


Crystal-clear sound with a RAW finish. The Genelec 8340A SAM Studio Monitor is a premium-grade active studio monitor, delivering unparalleled audio accuracy.

The Genelec 8340A SAM is jam-packed with cutting-edge technology and features designed to deliver a high-end listening experience. Ideal for mixing, mastering, radio, TV and video production; the Genelec 8340As are ideal for virtually any application where transparent audio is needed.

Custom MDE and DCW technology are utilised as well as a broad bandwidth which delivers exceptional accuracy and clarity. A flow optimised reflex port and high sound pressure levels ensure powerful low-end performance without distortion. It is also compatible with network functions such as Genelec AutoCAL and Loudspeaker manager for adjusting your monitor settings. Hear the difference today

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