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Klark Teknik DN32-MADI MADI Expansion Module


MADI (AES10-compliant) expansion module for Midas and Behringer digital consoles
Up to 32 bidirectional channels @ 48 kHz sample rate
Operates up to 500 m over optical fibre link and 100 m over coaxial copper link
Optical transmission on SC-Duplex* connector
Copper transmission on 75 ohm coaxial BNC connectors
Dual-redundant operation with failover from optical to copper connections
Operates as either MADI clock master or MADI clock slave
Selection of 32 input and output channels (1-32, 33-64) from 64 MADI channels

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MADI devices are widely used in a broad range of pro audio applications including permanent installation, touring sound, live/studio recording, and broadcasting. The DN32-MADI expansion card enables your Midas M32 or Behringer X32 digital console to exchange 24-bit multichannel audio streams at 44.1 or 48 kHz with any other MADI compatible devices. Protocols supported by the DN32-MADI include AES10-1991 with up to 56 x 56 channels, and AES10-2003 with up to 64 x 64 channels.

DN32-MADI features optical duplex SC-plugs (IEC874-19) to connect with MADI devices using multimode optical-fibre cable. Klark Teknik has tested multimode cable connections of 500 metres in length successfully, and distances of up to 2 km may be possible.

Dual BNC connectors are also provided for transmission on standard 75-Ohm coaxial cables up to 100 metres in length. When both the optical and coaxial interfaces are utilised, the coaxial I/O serves as a redundant connection, and is automatically activated should the optical connection become unavailable.

Both the BNC coaxial and optical-fibre inputs can also function as the word clock source for your mixing console. Alternately, the coaxial and optical outputs can transmit the console’s internal word clock to external devices.

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