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MA-808 is MIPRO’s flagship portable wireless PA system and brings a host of impressive features and functionalities. MA-808 delivers unparalleled audio performance and craftsmanship. The rugged one-piece speaker cabinet houses a high efficient class-D/AB amplifiers that drive high sensitivity two-way loudspeakers and limiter circuitry reduces distortion and increases intelligibility for guaranteed powerful and clear sound. It offers an ideal public address solution for large crowds.

Ideal applications include:

School sports events and marching bands
Places of worship
Large meetings and public gatherings
Presentations, seminars and meetings
Shopping center presentations and promotions
Aerobic & fitness centers
Parades & fetes
Street performers
Park and recreational facilities
Emergency and rescue situations
Weddings & funeral services
Public auctions
Taiwan Design D112612
China Design ZL200530143378.9

Robust, rugged enclosure, built-in class D & AB amplifiers system with 10″ woofer and 1″ tweeter.
Up to 4 UHF or ISM band receiver modules and built-in active dual antennas for improved reception distance and stable signal quality.
Plug-&-play CD/MP3 player, plus certified Bluetooth receiver for music streaming.
Voice Priority mutes music when a wireless mic is used.
Echo effect for richer-sounding vocals.
Industry’s only Master volume with “Memory” and “Standard” mode options. “Memory” mode saves and recalls last volume level during next power on. “Standard” mode resets to zero level.
Industry’s only master volume that can be remotely controlled by an optional ACT-32HR transmitter microphone directly instead of a separate remote.

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