Solid State Logic UltraViolet 500 Series Equalizer


Features :
Packs 4 bands of SSL console-style sound shaping into a 500 Series module
Fusion-derived high/low shelving bands and 2 fully parametric midbands with ±9dB of gain
High band gives you a frequency selection of 8kHz, 12kHz, 16kHz, and 20kHz
Low band gives you a frequency selection of 30Hz, 50Hz, 70Hz, and 90Hz
High midband ranges from 400Hz–6kHz with a continuously variable Q
Low midband ranges from 100Hz–1.1kHz with a continuously variable Q
Highpass filter includes Off, 30Hz, 40Hz, and 50Hz settings

ULTRAVIOLET Stereo Equaliser (UV EQ) takes the acclaimed minimum phase-shift Violet stereo EQ section from Fusion and puts it into 500-series format, whilst adding two fully parametric SSL mid-band EQ’s featuring precision ‘Focus’ mode for the ultimate in 500 Series EQ flexibility and tonal control. UV EQ is the perfect partner for the SSL G-COMP Stereo Bus Compressor module, offering advanced SSL processing all from 500 Series modules.

Weight 5 kg
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