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Tascam DR-10CH Micro Linear PCM Recorder w/ Shure Jack


Supports Sennheiser wireless system mics and transmitters (DR-10CS)
Supports Shure wireless system mics and transmitters (DR-10CH, DR-10CS with optional AK-DR10CH panel)
Supports Sony/RAMSA wireless system mics and transmitters (DR-10CS/DR-10CH with optional AK-DR10CR panel)
Note: The Sony/RAMSA panel has a sliding switch to allow proper wiring configuration
48kHz/24-bit linear PCM mono recording
WAV files (compatible with BWF format)
Media: microSD/SDHC cards (supports 32GB capacities)
Sliding record switch and hold function to prevent misoperation during recording
Dual recording function
automatic file closing function to prevent the loss of already recorded data
High/Mid/Low recording level settings
Low-cut filter
Automatic level function
With a built-in clock function, supports BWF files that can have time information added – convenient for editing and searching
Time track incrementing function can create new files at regular intervals (about every 15 minutes) during recording
Playback function allows recorded data to be checked immediately
Headphone output
Easy-to-read organic EL display
micro USB B port enables easy data exchange with computers
Records at least 10 hours on a single AAA battery * using alkaline batteries (EVOLTA)
Unit settings can be created and transferred as a computer text file
Settings can be transferred between DR-10C units using the infrared transmission function
Firmware can be updated using a microSD card
Belt clip included
Silicon band that can be used to attach the unit to a transmitter included
Custom case for storing the unit and accessories included
RoHS-compliant product

Performs backup recording by simply mounting onto a wireless microphone system Wearable micro linear PCM audio recorder, recordable via a pin-on microphone

The DR-10C series is an audio recorder that can be set between a wireless microphone system’s microphone and the transmitter.
By simply connecting a microphone to a DR-10C series device, and then connecting to the transmitter using the included cable, audio can continue to be recorded even if the audio signal in the wireless system is interrupted.

The design supports the wireless microphone systems of several different manufacturers, with the lineup supporting Sennheiser and Shure wireless systems. In addition, Sony/RAMSA wireless microphone systems can also be supported by installing an optional replacement.

The device fits in the palm of your hand, with a lightweight design that makes it easily bundled with a transmitter. It is wearable on a belt alongside a transmitter, creating options to match your environment. Furthermore, the DR-10C series can be used as a small, wearable recorder by combining it with a pin-mic and the DR-10C series.

The recording format is set as 24bit/48kHz mono WAV (BWF format), designed for monaural recording for professional applications, including recording TV programs and stages, as well as lectures and seminars. The built-in clock function is capable of adding timestamp information to the audio file, making file search and editing tasks easier.

In terms of functionality, a sliding recording switch was employed to prevent misoperation. There are additional functions to support reliable recording, including: a function for disabling all operations beside stop during recording, and a dual-recording function that enables the recording level to be set as high as possible while simultaneously recording a backup track at a lower level.

The DR-10C is a series of micro linear PCM recorders that can be used for the audio recording of a wireless mic stem, as well as a standalone wearable recorder.

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