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Our adventure as Hari Hari Musik began in November 1991 during the period where music industry was starting to rise in Indonesia. Knowing that music could have a major influence in one’s life and soul, we decided to create our own legacy in the country and one day, globally.

We started from a humble beginning – an electronic shop located in East Jakarta focusing in high-end audio parts. It wasn’t very long for our shop to be getting well-known locally and then soon after regionally. All sorts of musicians, whether that be amateurs or the country’s renowned artists, started to take notice of our presence.

Couple years forward to 1994, with the company’s sufficient growth, we extended our field of expertise to assembling audio hobby kits. Famous brands and icons from the music world then began to approach us for partnership.

With the emergence of new genres and the rise of local artists, we were smooth sailing towards the new millennium of 2000. We felt that it was about time to innovate further to professional audio kits, adding to our existing products range of hobby kits and audio parts.

Greeted with a warm welcome by our loyal customers and a number of public figures, in 2012 we took a step further to enter the musical instrument field. Therefore we have moved one step closer into making ourselves a complete shopping experience – ranging from audio kits, parts, and now an array of instruments.

From 2014 up to the present day, Hari Hari Musik has successfully established the brand name to become the country’s leading distributor for countless musicians and audio-lovers, as well as a trusted partner for some of the world’s renowned brands.

We have certainly come a long way to get to where we are now. There is no clear forecast to what big thing will we achieve next, however one thing we are certain about is that our commitment and passion to continue providing the best products and exceptional experience designated for each individual keen for music and audio, whether that be in our store in Jakarta or through online.

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