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Revolt Guitar & Bass Analog Amp Simulator Pedal

From sublime cleans to the gnarliest of Metal tones, your performance demands the pinnacle in tonal excellence. Enter ReVolt Guitar, a forward-thinking all-analog 3-channel Amp Sim primed to serve as the beating-heart of your rig. The latest-iteration of Two notes’ …


JHS Pedal Overdrive Preamp Pedal

In 2019 Brand owner Josh Scott stumbled across a pedal that didn’t exist, the Twilight Zone theme song. It was a DOD Overdrive / Preamp that predated the “Gray Box” 250 pedals that everyone– himself included –had assumed were the …


Arturia Minifuse 2 Audio Interface White

MiniFuse 2 is an easy-to-use audio & MIDI interface that gives you pro-grade sound quality, smart connectivity, and a curated selection of the industry’s best creative software. From guitar tracking to podcast recording, this is your solution for every type …


Arturia Minifuse 1 Audio Interface White

Write your song, track your demo, or record your podcast with ease. MiniFuse 1 is a smart audio interface that comes with the industry’s best creative software for recording that’s simple, fast, and enjoyable for beginners and professionals alike. Make …


Zoom P8 Podcast Workstation

    PODCASTING SIMPLIFIED The Zoom PodTrak P8 is easy to use and can handle the most ambitious podcasts. With all the functions you need to record, edit and mix, the PodTrak P8 is your complete podcast studio. MICROPHONE INPUTS …


RockBoard Power Block – Multi Power Supply

    A compact multi-power supply offering an 18V DC power supply with exchangeable multi-regional plug adapters. The RockBoard Power Block is a compact multi-power supply for effects pedals and offers 10 power slots for the parallel power supply of …


Jackson Audio The Optimist

  “The Optimist is the most versatile overdrive pedal I’ve ever used. Designed to give me a full range of drive levels for punchy rhythm to soaring lead. The Klon has been this mystical and hyped-up circuit for years, and …

USB Audio Interface

Tascam Mixcast 4 Podcast Station with built-in Recorder

          Mixcast 4 makes professional content creation easy. For Podcast creation, live streaming, event production, or voice over, Mixcast 4 will mix and record mic inputs, internal sounds and music via the trigger pads, and external …


Boss GT-1000 Core Guitar Effects Processor

The Core of Your Creative Vision Amazingly powerful and ultra-versatile, GT-1000CORE delivers the most complete guitar and bass processing experience available in a single stompbox. The full DSP muscle of the flagship GT-1000 lives inside this mini juggernaut, driving class-leading …


Boss HM-2W Heavy Metal

A Metal Legend Returns Produced from 1983 to 1991, the BOSS HM-2 Heavy Metal is a true legend in the history of distortion pedals. Its signature “chainsaw tone” with all knobs maxed is the defining voice of Swedish death metal, …

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