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These plugs have the simplest mechanism and are very easy to assemble. They are also designed to be very small and take a minimum amount of space.
The cable’ s center conductor and the plug tip are connected inside of the plug to make a tight and strong connection.

For more direct signal transduction, the plug’s tip and core wire connection pin are integrated together.
To allow easier assembly, the Pro Series (gold plated) now has the same structure as the nickel-plated type.
Two new Solderless plugs are available, one for 4 mm CU-416 cable and one for 5 mm CU-5050 cable.
The cap of the S (straight) plug is now replaceable like that for the L (L-angle) plug. Caps are available in six colors in total. This makes it easier to design a custom system by allowing the use of different plug cap colors on input and output sides or on different signal loops, etc.

Optional: cable CU-416 (FOR SL-4)

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FREE THE TONE devised its innovative ultra miniature solderless plugs (SL-8 Series) in 2012. Since solderless cables can be easily handcrafted without soldering, they are widely used these days. It has been almost seven years from the release of this product and since that time we have accumulated a lot of know-how.
Over time, solderless cables must evolve too. So we decided it was the time to reconsider solderless cables in order to meet a variety of newly emerging needs.
Aiming at purer signal transduction, easy and secure steps for assembly, and the joy of handcrafting cables with wider options for cable selection in sound making, FREE THE TONE has renewed its solderless cables.

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