A totally superior breed of case – so strong that you can jump on them
Made from waterproof high-impact polyethylene – these cases will not disintegrate if they get wet
Designed to give your equipment maximum protection year after year – they will not fall to bits after a few gigs
Ultra strong high tensile polypropylene yellow straps with robust quick lock clips provide secure case and fast fastening
Strong robust handles make both carrying and lifting easy, comfortable with reliable grip
Manufactured from a one-piece moulding – no rivets or joints to break or come apart
Trusted by some of the world’s greatest musicians
Fantastic value for money and they look great
Low profile wheels and handle for easy transport

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As a drummer your kit is unique to you and while having your kit with you all the time would be great you often have to rely on venues to provide one. On those occasions when you need or want your own kit with you there’s no better way to transport, protect and store your gear than with a solidly built, reliable case. HARDCASE make tough, padded cases for drums of all types and sizes. Whether you play the bongos or a stadium size kit with cymbals and toms of every size there’s a HARDCASE for every piece.

All built to the same high standards these are a great investment. 24″ case holds 12 cymbals including round bell china. 11 foam dividers. Hinged lid. Retractable tow handle, slides into the back of the case. Moulded spindle support. Increased tensile strength spindle.


Weight 13 kg
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