Tama HT130 Standard Drum Throne


An excellent, stable, and comfortable throne for a great low price
Great for drumming, playing guitar, or as extra seating in your rehearsal space too
Plush padding keeps you comfortable through long playing sessions
Double-braced legs remain sturdy under heavy weight and continuous movement
Fully adjustable height accommodates players roughly 4-1/2′ to 6-1/2′ tall
Collapses fully for easy transportation and storage

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Plant yourself on a TAMA HT130 drum throne and get the rock-solid connection to your kit that you demand. TAMA knows what every seasoned drummer knows: the throne you sit upon has a huge impact on how well you play. So why throw your money away on a cheaply built budget throne when you can pick up a TAMA HT130 for a song? Plushly padded and remarkably sturdy, the HT130 keeps you steady as your play. It’s fully adjustable too, easily accommodating most drummers between 4-1/2′ to 6-1/2′ tall. And when it’s time to pack up and go, your TAMA HT130 drum throne collapses easily for transportation.

Weight 8 kg
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