Zildjian K’ Custom Set K1250 Hybrid Box Set contains
14.25″ Hybrid HiHat
20″ Hybrid Ride
16″ & 18″ Hybrid Crash

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The Zildjian K Custom Set K1250 consists of a 14.25″ Hybrid HiHat, a 20″ Hybrid Ride and a 16″ & 18″ Hybrid Crash, all perfectly matched to each other. The Zildjian K Custom Hybrid series is characterized by a perfect mix of brilliant and dark tones. This round mixture is due to the fact that the inner half of the hybrid cymbal has a brilliant finish and the outer half has a traditional finish. The rather flat profile of the cymbals gives the player a butter-soft playing feeling and a dark basic tone, which is complemented by brilliant overtones. The workmanship is of the highest quality and will impress even professionals, the drummer Akira Jimbo has helped to develop and perfect the cymbals.

Good workmanship and wide sound range
Processing and hammering are, as usual, at the highest professional level, which is probably the reason why so many drummers swear legends on Zildjian K Customs. The flat profile provides a great sound and a spectacular look. These features make the Zildjian K Custom Hybrid cymbals one of the best on the market today. They were developed in collaboration with drummer Akira Jimbo to perfect the series for live and studio use.

Depending on the style of playing, a very wide spectrum of low and high frequencies is available, from mild to intense. The unlathed, polished centre of the cymbal has a defined stick attack and a strong, penetrating bell. The lathed outer edge has a very extended sound and is soft and washy depending on the technique.

The K-Custom Hybrid series sets the standard for modern cymbal sounds like no other series in the Zildjian program. The extensive model range offers drummers a wide selection of sounds that fit in perfectly with all modern music styles.

Weight 10 kg
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