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20-watt tube amplifier head
Infinium technology extends the life of your tubes of choice
Morph control dials in American and British EQ tones
Effects loop with level switch
Speaker-emulated line-out is great for recording
Onboard reverb
2-button footswitch included

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Versatile Amp Head with Tube-saving Technology
The Bugera G20 Infinium Class A electric guitar tube amplifier head is a wonderful solution for the guitarist who needs a reliable amp with a wide palette of sound at a screaming price. Bugera’s Infinium technology not only greatly extends the life of your tubes, but it also allows for mixing and matching. The Morph knob dials in American and British EQ curves, and the G20 is loaded with additions like an effects loop, speaker-emulated out, and more. The Bugera G20 Infinium is a great companion for the guitarist who needs a lot of tones under the hood.

Infinium technology
Bugera’s Infinium technology is a revolutionary method of extending the life of your amplifier’s tubes up to 20 times. This process also self-biases each tube individually to keep them running optimally and does away with the need for expensive tube biasing repairs. The G20 Infinium employs this technology so you can use any type of power tubes that you choose. Whether your flavor is 6L6 or EL34, all you have to do is swap in the tubes and power up the G20.

Find your blend of American and British tones
Bugera added their popular Morph control to the tonestack of the G20 Infinium. This knob lets you choose between American and British-sounding EQ curves. Turn the knob to the left and you’ll notice larger lows and a glassy top end. Crank it to the right and chime and mid presence come to the forefront.

Many onboard options to fine-tune your sound
Though the G20 Infinium is incredibly easy to use, it comes with a surprising amount of flexibility for nailing the exact sound the situation calls for. The effects loop has a level button for use with pedals or line-level effects. A two-setting, speaker-emulated output works perfectly for headphones, recording, or playing live. And the G20 Infinium boasts a high quality reverb for adding some ambience to your passages. A footswitch out and indicators for tube life round out this very powerful amplifier.

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