Customized switch button for your effects stompbox
Improves comfort and accuracy
Fits common 3PDT switches (3/8″ / 10mm)
Includes 5/64″ Allen wrench for installation

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Custom Button for Your Stompbox
Have you ever stomped on a guitar pedal without shoes on? We’ll tell you: IT HURTS! And sometimes, in the heat of a performance, you miss the switch altogether. After all, they’re not that big. So what do you do? Get a custom button from Barefoot Buttons and fit it onto your stompbox. These easy-to-install buttons work with most major switches and triggers and are guaranteed to improve comfort and accuracy. They look pretty cool, too!

Frequently Asked Questions:
What version Barefoot Button do I need for my pedal?
Barefoot Buttons come in version 1 and version 2. Version 1 fits common 3PDT switches (3/8″ / 10mm). Version 1 Big Bore fits larger 3PDT switches up to (7/16″ / 11.1mm). Version 2 fits common SPST tap switches (5/16″ / 8.5mm).

Will a version 1 button work on a version 2 switch?
Yes, it will, but it’s not recommended. It’s not an optimal fit, and the button may not perform reliably.

What is the diameter of a Barefoot Button?
Most version 1 and version 2 models, including the Tallboy, have a diameter of about 1-1/8″ (28.5mm). The Mini models have a diameter of 3/4″ / 19mm.

How tall is the Tallboy?
The Tallboy is about 7/8″ (22.2mm) tall. It will raise the switch height about 1/2″ (12.7mm).

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