For those who like Jazz and Bebop, one man you are sure to have heard of is the legendary Joe Pass. His incredible fluid way of playing guitar made him an influential artist for anyone who wanted to get into jazz guitar. Designed after the large jazz box style guitars used by Joe Pass throughout his career, this Emperor-style instrument is just as smooth as the man himself.

Classic Archtop Construction
When going back and looking at some of the older archtop guitars, you will notice that they all seem to use similar materials. This guitar is not different from these classics, with a select spruce top, flamed maple back and sides, maple neck and finally a Pau Ferro fingerboard to warm up the sound. That does not mean however that Epiphone have forgotten about modern technology.

To make sure that the guitar plays like new for as long as possible, Epiphone have used the vintage-inspired Graphtech NuBone XL nut. This still gives you the bone-like resonance of classic guitars, but without the short lifespan you would expect from a piece of bone.

New Pickups
While the Joe Pass Emperor has been around for some time, Epiphone have updated this model with some sweet new pickups. Now fitted with Epiphone’s rather mind-blowing ProBucker 2 and 3 pickups in the neck and bridge postions respectively, these have the same tonality as classic ’50s pickups but with a slightly hotter output, to suit more modern tastes. Best of all, these pickups can be tapped to get some sweet single-coil like vibes!

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