Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded SH-4/SH-2n Humbucker 2-piece Pickup Set – Black

Rp2.588.000 Rp2.199.800

Just like the earliest production JB and Jazz pickups, the Seymour Duncan SH-4 and SH-2N humbucker set features a single-conductor wire, rough-cast magnets, butyrate bobbins, and long-legged bottom plates. Excellent and versatile humbuckers, full of clarity and agression without being overbearing or harsh.

Seymour created this classic humbucker combination while in England in 1974, and it remains his favourite today: an SH-4 JB™ for the bridge and SH-2n Jazz Model™ for the neck. Together they provide one of the most versatile humbucker combinations available.

The JB™ owes its popularity to over-wound coils, which provide high output with just the right amount of sustain and distortion–perfect for searing leads. Seymour matched the JB with a Jazz Model™ in the neck for calibrated output and a clear, bright sound–perfect for articulate rhythm playing. This set is great for everything from hard blues to heavy rock. It comes with four-conductor cable for trick switching options. A wiring diagram and mounting hardware are included.

The JB is designed for bridges with traditional string spacing of 1.925″ or 48.9mm measured over the bridge pickup.

Key Features
Colour: Black
Humbucking pickup design delivers high-volume, low-noise guitar tone
High output drives even the most stubborn tube amps to overdrive bliss
Bridge position alignment for amazing rhythm tone
Strong treble detail with aggressive harmonics

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