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Pickup set for adding amp-punching output to your Tele
2 humbucking pickups in single-coil-size housing
4-conductor wiring offers many versatile wiring options
Pickups are wax potted to eliminate squealing feedback
High-output design is perfect for rock and metal

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Turn Your Tele into a Fire Breather
Seymour Duncan’s Hot Rails pickups are a fully humbucking design that has been shrunk to fit perfectly into single-coil-size pickup cavities. They are extremely popular for their high output and ability to retain great string to string clarity. The STHR-1 Hot Rails Tele Pickup Set comes with both the neck and bridge pickups, allowing you to access thick, higher-gain tones from your favorite Telecaster. And when it’s time to grab the more traditional T-style tone, their 4-conductor wiring is great for getting coil-split performance.

Seymour Duncan Hot Rails
Designed to boost the output of your Tele, the Seymour Duncan Hot Rails are high-output single-coil-sized humbuckers. These rails-style pickups are a direct replacement for an existing Tele pickup and use a ceramic magnet and overwound coils to provide a heavy distorted sound with excellent sustain. The Hot Rails boast a chunky midrange, letting your Tele really cut through the mix. If you’re looking to augment your Tele tone with something a bit more on the rude side, drop in these Hot Rails and start rocking.

One of the most trusted names in pickup design
Quite simply, it boils down to tone. Seymour Duncan has spent the majority of his life refining the art of creating pickups. He is dedicated to getting the best tone possible from his pickups, from modern metal monsters to faithful reproductions of gems from the ’50s and ’60s.

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