SEYMOUR DUNCAN Strat And Tele Hum-Cancelling STK-S10 n YJM FURY neck


Yngwie J. Malmsteen YJM Fury Strat Bridge Pickup
Dual Coil Hum-Cancelling Single Coil Sized Pickup
Direct Retrofit for Single Coil Pickups
Alnico 5 Rod Magnets
Made in USA

recommended for rock, neo-classical, shred, hard rock, power metal, and heavy metal.

The STK-S10n neck pickup is aggressive and handles Yngwie’s hard-hitting chordal onslaught. The STK-S10n neck pickup balances Yngwie’s fluid left hand technique with his broad mix of right hand pick attack for a tone that’s sweet and fluid, but with great articulation and responsiveness to dynamics.

The YJM Fury will directly retrofit most single-coil equipped guitars. Though originally designed for a Fender® Strat with a scalloped maple fingerboard, the YJM Fury will work well with any bolt-on guitar that utilizes traditional single-coil-size Strat pickups. The YJM Fury is the same pickup that Fender installs in their YJM Strat guitars.

Players include Yngwie J. Malmsteen.

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