ARTURIA KeyStep 37 Keyboard Controller

Rp4.293.750 Rp3.435.000

A controller, evolved. KeyStep 37 combines a flexible 37-note keyboard with intuitive sequencing, instant chord generation and creative real-time MIDI controls that let you discover and interact with music like never before.

The controller that’s built to inspire
Overcome creative hurdles. Smash artistic barriers. Discover new musical horizons. A powerful tool that seamlessly controls your hardware and software instruments simultaneously. An exploratory device that encourages spontaneous creativity with its musical features. Surrender to the musical journey – where will KeyStep 37 take you?

37-note Slimkey keyboard
With velocity, aftertouch and real-time RGB LED indicators for a comfortable, responsive performance.

Main Features
– Slimkey keybed with velocity and aftertouch
– RGB LEDs on each key for instant feedback on your sequence, arp, scale
– Arpeggiator mode: Up, Down, Inclusive, Exclusive, Random, Walk, Pattern and Order
– Sequencer mode: 8 polyphonic step-sequences with Rest, Tie, and Legato note entry
– Rate control and tap tempo: REC, PLAY, and STOP buttons for performance control over the sequencer and arpeggiator
– Sustain HOLD button
– Sustain pedal jack
– Advanced Chord mode with pre-defined or user Chords and strumming capability
– SHIFT button selection : MIDI Channel selection, Gate length, Swing, Sequence Edit, Scale quantization, CC Bank selection
– DC power jack for standalone operation
– USB MIDI and MIDI in/out ports
– Sync i/o ports
– Sync source switch : Internal, USB, MIDI, Clock
– CV/Gate outputs with configurable pitch, gate and Modulation formats.
– Capacitive pitch bend and mod wheel strips
– Each sequence can have 64 steps with 8 notes of polyphony

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