Yamaha P-32D Pianika

Rp390.000 Rp332.000

*Free Yamaha Blue Backpack
*Already included with a shoulder strap soft bag

“Pianica” is Yamaha’s registered trademark and product name for the key harmonica, an instrument that emits sound when air causes metal plates (reeds) to vibrate in the same way as a harmonica.
Pianicas were incorporated into school education in the 1960s, and were generally sold together with cases to make it easy for children to carry them to and from school.
Now, professional musicians often use them onstage and in the studio.

This model’s scale range of 2-2/3 octaves is sufficient for ensemble or solo performances. Advanced players and students will find its rich, clear tones and ample volume ideal for leaning and giving musical performances (even outdoors or in large auditoriums). The sturdy body is slim and compact for easy handling.

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