Professional high-power LED spotlight for theater, nightclub and touring applications
36 x 1-Watt cool-white and warm-white LEDs
Adjustable color temperature from 2800 – 6400 degrees Kelvin
System can be operated via DMX console
Standalone operation via onboard display panel
Double bracket enables use in ground or truss-mount applications
Energy-saving alternative to traditional spotlights
Rugged metal construction ensures long-term reliability

The EUROLIGHT OCTAGON THEATER OT360 is a professional 18 x 1-Watt Cool White (CW) and 18 x 1 W Warm White (WW) LEDs spotlight ideal for theatres, festival halls, as well as for live and on the road touring. The fanless design and green LED energy saving technology makes the OCTAGON THEATER OT360 the natural alternative to conventional halogen spotlights. Universal DMX-compatible systems – It comes equipped with hanging brackets and barn doors to manually shape the beam of light at a price bound to light up the eyes of even the most budget-conscious stage manager!

The EUROLIGHT OCTAGON THEATER OT360 features a continuously adjustable color temperature from 2800˚ – 6400˚ Kelvin, multifunctional strobe, dimmer with instant and halogen mimic fading response and 4 different curves, placing itself in a league of its own that put halogen light with their obsolete changes of filter a memory of the past.

The EUROLIGHT OCTAGON THEATER OT360 can be operated by lighting control signals based on the DMX standard, which is a protocol developed to overcome the inconsistencies in non-standardized or proprietary lighting systems. Fully compatible with the incredible EUROLIGHT LC2412 and LC2412V2 (not included), next generation EUROLIGHT DMX controller (not included) and any DMX official controller devices (not included).

The EUROLIGHT OCTAGON THEATER OT360 features extremely rugged construction, with a metal chassis designed to ensure long life – even under the most demanding conditions. Two metal hanging brackets for and installation are included.

Weight 5 kg
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