EC Pedals Custom Shop Mystical Sustainer Distortion

Rp2.733.000 Rp2.186.000

Some effects pedals claim to be true “distortion” pedals, when all they really produce is a muddy, way too overdriven drive sound. The Mythical Sustainer from EC Pedals also claims it is a distortion pedal, but for a different reason: it IS one, and a mean mofo at that.

The Level and Tone controls act exactly as they should, with a big amount of output volume and a nice EQ range as well. The Gain control can really be versatile for any hard rock or metal setup, and will go from a low, warmer distorted gain to a speaker-ripping, eardrum-bleeding sonic nightmare, all with the turn of a knob! When the pedal is engaged, it almost acts as a Boost pedal as well, producing huge sounds without coloring the overall tone of your pickups and amp setup. As a bonus knob, there’s a control labeled ‘Fine’, which allows the user to tweak, dial-in and fine-tune the ranges and tones of the Treble, which is controlled by the Tone knob. Using the Fine section really lets you make this pedal blend in nicely with your other gear, and lets you scoop out some of those high-pitched shrieks that some distortions have been known to produce. Unless, of course, that’s what you’re looking for, then you have an abundance on hand!

I have reviewed a number of EC Pedals stompboxes now, and they keep getting cooler and cooler. The Mystical Sustainer is metal in a box, for sure, but it’s a smooth metal, almost a friendly metal, if that makes any sense. Crunchy, gritty and sonically pleasing with sustain that goes on forever, this is one badass little purple monster.

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