EC Pedals Custom Shop Zombie Distortion Effect Pedal

Rp2.710.000 Rp2.168.000

Distortion can be a completely different beast from pedal to pedal, sometimes buzzy with a little boost, sometimes a crushing wall of sounds that makes your eardrums start to bleed a bit. And then there’s the Zombie Distortion from EC Pedals.

There is so much sound and volume coming out of this pedal, it’s borderline insanity. I was actually a bit scared turning the Level knob up past 12:00, as installing newly-shattered windows in my house is not currently in my budget. The Tone knob is a great little EQ, enabling you to adjust the amount of highs or lows you want present in your screeching sound. The Level knob has so much power, you’ll never need anything else to push your amp, and you might even scare of a few members of your audience (which can be fun). The Gain toggle is a nice treat as well: to the left, it’s in Normal (if you can call it that) distortion mode, which in and of itself produces really nice crunchy and punchy sounds. But when you flip this toggle to the right, look out. This throws the Zombie into a boost mode, which adds even MORE power and volume into your signal, resulting in a stunning array of distorted textures, and really allowing your amp to scream.

Not even close to a pedal fro the faint-of-heart, the Zombie Distortion from EC Pedals is definitely not for every guitar player out there. But if you like to sound like a complete badass, rip some solos and get your metal on, then this is a pedal that you need.

• Gain, Tone, and Level controls
• Operates on a standard 9 volt (negative tip) BOSS style adapter only!
• True Bypass for noise free operation
• High grade components only
• Neutrik Jacks
• Hand Built

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