SEYMOUR DUNCAN 11900-015 FOOZ Analog Fuzz Synthesizer Pedal

Rp6.465.000 Rp5.495.000

Seymour Duncan FOOZ Effects Pedal Features:

Analog fuzz synthesizer pedal for electric guitar
Synth-like control layout with sections for fuzz, filter, LFO, and envelope
Tap tempo switch syncs LFO to your preferred tempo
Filter section can be switched between lowpass and bandpass operation
Filter frequency can be modulated via LFO or envelope
LFO depth and speed can be modulated via envelope
Assignable expression input for external control

Turns Your Guitar Into an Analog Synth.

Many guitar pedals can make your guitar sound like a synth, but few capture the tactile feeling and interactivity of using one. Real analog synths use different blocks (oscillator, filter, LFO, envelope) that work together to create unique new sounds and textures. Combining these tools in one box and allowing them to interact with each other is the spirit of the FOOZ.

FOOZ uses a heavily saturated square-wave fuzz to transform your guitar into the ‘oscillator’, ready to be sculpted by other blocks-it also makes for a great fuzz tone by itself. The next element is the Filter which can be set to a Low Pass Filter (based on what you’d find in classic synths) or a Band Pass Filter which works more like a Wah pedal. Finally, a deeply tweakable LFO and an Envelope follower provide the modulation. The LFO can be used to control the overall volume and Filter Frequency. The Envelope can control the Filter and the LFO Depth and Rate. You can also control most of the surface controls with an external expression pedal (not included).

We call it an Analog Fuzz Synthesizer. Inspired by iconic guitar tones and synth flexibility, FOOZ brings the spirit of synth creativity to guitar.

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