SubDecay Octasynth – Octave synthesizer

Rp3.258.000 Rp2.606.000

An analog synth pedal that actually sounds like… A SYNTH.
The Octasynth’s origins date back to the early days of Subdecay and our love of old analog synth tone. Over the course of six years this effect was designed and redesigned more a dozen times until we got everything right – Perfection is not simply an issue of tone. In a stompbox it’s about simplicity and control

Raw Waveforms + Resonant Filter = Analog synthesizer.


The Octasynth’s controls are tailored to creating a sound quickly. No endless tweaking required.
Blend- A mix control for 3 octave voices. To the left, two octaves down. To the right, one octave. In the center a mix of all three.
Depth- The range of the filter. As this knob is turned to the right each note you play pushes the filter cutoff frequency higher. This control can be a bit touchy, especially in the lower range. When turned all the way down the filter stays below audible frequencies (i.e. there will be no sound at all). It needs to be turned up at least a little bit for any audible effect. This design allows the filter to trail off to ultra low frequencies, which can make notes trail off gracefully rather than sputtering out.
Res- Resonance/Feedback for the filter. Turned to the right the cut off frequency of the filter is intensified. Turned all the way to the right the filter will approach near oscillation.
Level- Total output volume.

Notes about The Octasynth:

Powered by a 9 volt battery or a regulated 9VDC to 12VDC adapter with a negative center
2.1mm barrel style plug
If using a “daisy chain” power supply, all other pedals MUST be negative ground.
Current draw is less than 10mA.
Length 4.4″ X Width 2.3″ X Height 1.0″
Input impedance- 500K
Output impedance- varies depending on Level setting.
The Octasynth is hand made in Oregon.
Die cast metal enclosures for durability.
3PDT switches for true bypass switching.
Red LED indicator

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