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  • Pedalboard for effects devices with two levels
  • for approx. 15 to 25 effect pedals (depending on size)
  • torsion-resistant and lightweight aluminum construction
  • Slot design for easy pedal mounting
  • Mounting holes on both sides for RockBoard LED Light (not included)
  • Manufactured from cold-rolled aluminum sheet
  • additional stiffening by U-shaped support strut
  • Absolutely flat, 10° angled board surface – no welds
  • Slots for RockBoard® Module Patchbays
  • robust black powder-coated finish
  • Width 826mm
  • Depth 498mm
  • Width 2nd level 826 mm
  • Depth 2nd level 218 mm
  • Height incl. rubber feet 37 – 164 mm
  • Weight board 6.5 kg
  • including flight case
  • Weight flight case approx. 15.0 kg
  • including self-adhesive Velcro (50 mm wide) and fleece tape (25 mm wide) and cable ties
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The RockBoard RBO B 5.3 CINQUE MAX B Pedalboard offers space for approx. 15 to 25 pedals (depending on the size of the pedals) and comes with an ideally matched flight case. A torsion-resistant aluminum profile frame, robust ball corners, stable locks and a removable, padded cover offer all the prerequisites for safe and comfortable transport of the valuable pedals, even on the toughest of tours.

The RockBoard Pedalboard series was completely designed to create a pedalboard that is light, torsionally rigid and robust and above all allows the use of a wide range of pedals, as well as power supplies and their mounting solutions. Its unique and ingenious design is based on just a single sheet of cold-rolled aluminum and has not a single weld. As a result, it offers an absolutely flat surface that can be used completely. U-shaped vertical struts give the board additional stability without making it noticeably heavier, making the board completely torsionally rigid and not bending under maximum load. The innovative slot design works with common mounting solutions or, perfectly, with our RockBoard QuickMount system. Also, the slots make it easy to

Almost all common power supplies can be mounted either directly under the board surface or with our optionally available The Tray or BasePlates.

All RockBoard models (except the DUO series) are compatible with the RockBoard All-in-One PatchBays, which add value to any RockBoard.

Weight 15 kg
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