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Fulltone’s original PlimSoul guitar pedal broke new ground by offering both soft- and hard-clipping overdrive tones in one unit. The PlimSoul mkII epitomizes this brilliant design, achieving the trademark cranked-amp sound of its predecessor with a wealth of upgrades. Guitarists were happy to find out that the core of this formidable pedal remains the same — you still get a pair of high-powered overdrive sections, one with smoother soft clipping and the other with brighter hard clipping. Where the PlimSoul mkII stands out, however, is through its newly employed independent stages. Stage 1 accesses the soft-clipping section, while Stage 2 accesses the hard clipping — allowing for searing, gut-punching high gain with the hard-clipping controls even if you roll back the soft-clipping side of things. The use of germanium diodes in the hard-clipping section gives it an even more ear-pleasing tone, an immense improvement from the original model that is evident from the very first chord you play. Even better, the PlimSoul now features top-mounted jacks, making for seamless integration into pedalboards of all shapes and sizes.

New-and-improved version of Fulltone’s classic PlimSoul overdrive/distortion pedal
Boasts both soft- and hard-clipping options in a single pedal
Fully independent overdrive stages: Stage 1 accesses the soft-clipping section; Stage 2 accesses the hard-clipping section
Germanium diodes in Stage 2 improve clarity and lend an overall more ear-pleasing sound
Incredibly responsive to your guitar’s volume controls courtesy of 700k+ input impedance
Top-mounted jacks and an external power port

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