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JHS 3 Series Delay Pedal Features:
Affordable, streamlined delay pedal
Simple 3-knob design
Select between clean digital delay or darker analog-style sound with the Type switch
Go short and slappy or long and washy with an 80ms–800ms delay time range
Runs on 9-volt DC negative center power (power adapter not included)

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The 3 Series Delay pedal from JHS is a no-frills repeater unit with the top-notch quality you would expect from Josh Scott and company. A simple 3-knob design — Mix, Time, and Repeats — belies a vast range of delay sounds, from country-pickin’ slapback to washy shoegaze ambience. With a flick of a switch, you can go from a bright and chiming digital delay sound to a dark and devolving analog bucket-brigade-style tone. And if you want to take it up a notch, crank the Repeats knob for chaotic runaway feedback! After taking it through its paces, guitarists gave the 3 Series Delay pedal many approving head nods. With its streamlined performance and cracking tone, pedal heads will find a lot to like about the 3 Series Delay. When you want to step into the echo chamber but don’t want to fuss with a bunch of knobs and endless menu diving, the JHS 3 Series Delay is an excellent choice at a great price!


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