JHS 3 Series Phaser Pedal


Affordable, streamlined 6-stage phaser pedal inspired by vintage units
Simple 3-knob design: Blend, Rate, and Width
Feedback switch adds in washy overtones in an instant
Runs on 9V DC negative center power

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Add a half-century of classic phaser effects to your sound with the JHS 3 Series Phaser Pedal! Rather than spend the hundreds if not thousands of dollars on vintage units, the 3 Series Phaser equips you with vintage sounds inspired by the phasers of the 1970s at a phenomenal price. JHS made sure to focus on high-performance first and foremost, relying on a simple 3-knob layout to get you where you’re going in seconds. With Blend, Rate, and Width controls, it’s a breeze to set the effect level, lock down the perfect speed, and tweak the ensuing chaos to taste. A handy Feedback toggle expands this pedal’s versatility even further — guitarists are able to conjure washy, noisy overtones with a simple flick of this switch.


Weight 2 kg
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