Korg SHG1 Sledgehammer Clip-On Tuner for Guitar and Bass


The Sledgehammer series is a new lineup of guitar/bass tuners that joins KORG’s family of clip-on tuners. These tuners can be attached directly to an instrument for convenient tuning. The Sledgehammer features an easy-operating shuttle switch on a tubular-shaped body. Even while performing, you can easily operate the tuner with just one hand, while a high-brightness, high-contrast color LCD display ensures clear visibility. The Sledgehammer series feature a sturdy clip mechanism providing a strong, flexible hold and the high accuracy that you expect from KORG tuners. Players of every style now have a new variety of tuners to choose from.

Easily operated with shuttle switch
Color LCD shows the pitch in vivid color
Dedicated guitar/bass modes and flat/capo settings
Over-winding warning for the first string, ideal for beginners
A clip mechanism that provides strong holding power as well as flexibility

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