Special modified MOJOMOJO OVERDRIVE pedal designed in collaboration with Paul Gilbert
Voice switch replaced with extra gain mod, this one goes to eleven!
Increased circuit board voltage gives dramatically more headroom and dynamics for an incredibly alive overdrive sound
4-knob interface enables extensive tonal tweaking while remaining highly intuitive to let you focus on playing
2-band EQ with active bass and treble knobs lets you really shape your sound
True bypass allows for optimum clarity and zero signal loss when the pedal is off
Easy one-screw battery compartment access
Compact format fits on any pedal board
High-quality components to give you extraordinary overdrive tones
Sturdy die-cast metal case designed for life on the road

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We’re very excited to have collaborated with the mighty Paul Gilbert on a specially modified edition of the MOJOMOJO OVERDRIVE pedal. If you’re looking for a huge overdrive sound, you better ally with Mr. Big himself to have the fundamental tone dialed in just right! Sporting a couple of tweaks to the circuit and a stylish new purple Jacket, MOJOMOJO PAUL GILBERT EDITION is like the perfect chicken tender, combining juicy and crunchy in the most delicious way possible!

Paul always uses his original MOJOMOJO pedal with the same voice setting, so we swapped out the Voice switch for a new 11 switch. Flipping the 11 switch engages a massive gain boost for even more drive and attack. And believe us, this one really does go to 11 in that totally meaningful and wildly rocking Spinal Tap-like fashion, giving you that last push over the cliff!

We added stepped-up circuit board voltage to the MOJOMOJO PAUL GILBERT EDITION, giving you dramatically increased headroom and dynamics for an incredibly alive and soaring overdrive, keeping your tone crisp – but not toasted!

Weight 1 kg
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