Walrus Audio Transit 5 True Bypass Switcher, Standard W15-900-1023

Rp4.187.000 Rp3.500.000

Walrus Audio is a collective of artists, musicians and engineers who have been inspired by sounds created by their favorite companies, whether it’s the perfect breakup on an overdrive, a thick, punchy distortion, an endlessly sustained reverb, or a self-oscillating delay, they have, through trial, error and continual sonic tweaking, come up with a range of guitar pedals as versatile as they are functional.

The Walrus Transit 5 is a True Bypass Looper system useful for organizing your pedalboard and giving your pedals the benefit of True Bypass. The Transit can also be used to create a Signal Loop, which may contain any number of pedals all activated by a single switch. These pedals effectively become True Bypass as well, so you get totally silent switching, and your original signal never loses any of its integrity.

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