WWVA-32 Tenor Sax Reed Vandoren ZZ 2 1/2 SR4225 JAZZ


Designed in 2002, the reeds of jazz ZZ offer a great ease of emission while preserving the resonance and the brilliance of the timbre, essential for this style of music.

The perfect balance of this reed gives it an extraordinary color of sound, excellent response and great longevity.

The ZZ reeds combine a medium-thick core, the spine and the rounded tip of the V16 with the flexible palette of the JAVA reed, giving the artist extraordinary color and rich sound and excellent response.

The box contains 5 reeds, each in its individual sachet or “flow-pack”, which guarantees them a great “freshness”, and a re-usable hard plastic case, for optimal protection.

  made in France ! Without doubt the most famous reed in the world!

Vandoren is undoubtedly the brand best known by all saxophonists, whether they are beginners, amateurs or professionals.
It is the most popular brand among teachers in France.

Little advice to optimize the life of your reeds: put several into service
and rotate them regularly so as not to tire them.

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