Classic 1005 analog ModAmp module from the ’70s
Authentic reproduction of the circuitry from the “2500” Series
Consists of a discrete balanced modulator and VCA
Balanced modulator accepts 2 input signals (DC to 20 kHz) and produces an output that is a multiplication of the two signals
Creates complex waveforms with in-harmonic overtones
2 precision voltage outputs control the frequency of the VCO’s that are typically connected
Modulation is activated by illuminated push buttons (Mod and Unmod)
In Unmod mode the signal at input A passes to the output without any modulation and the level is set by the Unmod Gain control
Modulation can be switched on and off by trigger or gate signals which can be patched into the module
VCA accepts the output from the modulator and modifies the output signal level according to the sum of the Gain control and external control voltages
2 external VCA control signals can be attenuated by front panel controls
VCA mode can be selected as either exponential or linear
Eurorack specs: 16 HP, XX mA +12 V, XX mA -12 V

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The first 2500 series synth modules came out in the 70s and tended to be extremely expensive. They were mainly all discrete transistor designs with some op-amps as at the time op-amps were high cost. The discrete circuitry gave the modules a very distinctive sound and were used by artists like The Who, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kraftwerk and so many more, giving us some of the greatest records and film soundtracks we’ve ever heard. Modular synths were a landmark development in electronic music and today, it’s about to get better.

This is the Behringer 2500 series MODAMP MODULE 1005. An authentic reproduction of the original “System 2500” circuitry from the 70’s that can fit in a standard Eurorack case. The best part? It’s at a very affordable price. Mix the MODAMP MODULE 1005 in with your existing rig or start your modular synth journey from here. Either way you’re sure to have a lot of fun.

The MODAMP MODULE 1005 is a feature rich ring modulator to create metallic and bell-like sounds as well as many other modulation effects, modulation can be applied to any signals such as a signal from VCO’s or LFO’s via the INA and IN B jacks and is fed out via the VCA output. The 1005 features INA and INB attenuators, an UNMOD gain control lets you set the gain when in UNMOD mode, a VCA with gain control and a choice of exponential or linear response, Ratio and tune controls allow you to control and balance the frequency of 2 external VCO’s for convenience. The illuminated UNMOD and MOD switches disable or enable modulation effects

Weight 200 kg
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