2000-watt powered mixer head
Lightweight and super compact
Drives mains/monitors or mains/subs at 1000 watts per side
14 channels for your guitars, keyboards, vocals, and drums
9 IMP mic preamps with clean gain
3-band channel EQs to tighten up your mix
Dual 9-band graphic EQs to tune your mains and monitors
1/8″ auxiliary input for music players
25 digital FX presets from Klark Teknik: reverb, delay, pitch shift, and more
Stereo, dual mono, and bridged operation

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Big on Power and Features
The Behringer Europower PMP2000D’s powerful Class D amplifier has 2000 watts (1000 watts per side) to drive mains and monitors for decent-sized club events and modest outdoor festivals. Fourteen channels (6 mono and 4 stereo) and nine IMP mic preamps provide enough ins for a full band. And a stereo auxiliary input lets you play music from your phone between sets. The Behringer PMP2000D features 25 world-class digital effects from Klark Teknik, including reverb, delay, and pitch shifter, to help parts find their own space in a mix.

2000-watt mixer head is big on power and features
If you’re looking for maximum power and features in an affordable, easy-traveling mixer head, the Behringer Europower PMP2000D is it. Its 2000 watts is enough to supply an entire club with power – whether that’s your mains and monitors or your mains and subwoofers. Clean preamps, 24-bit digital FX, and dual 9-band graphic EQs to tune your room make this an irresistible piece of gear for traveling sound professionals and gigging musicians.

Clean Behringer IMP preamps for stage dynamics and condensers
With so much emphasis on the “mojo” of preamps these days, it’s refreshing to see a company like Behringer focus on clean sound. And that’s what its Invisible Mic Preamps (IMPs) are all about. Each of the Behringer Europower PMP2000D’s nine IMPs have plenty of gain to drive standard stage dynamics with good transient detail and accurate dynamics. The +48-volt phantom power is included for stage condensers. What’s more, with Ultralink ULM microphones (sold separately; not included), inputs 1 and 2 become dedicated wireless channels for complete, unfettered stage freedom.

24-bit digital FX from Klark Teknik
Klark Teknik has a 40-year legacy in the studio FX market. Its contributions to live and studio sound include the DN780 reverb processor, once considered to be a studio standard, and a unit that’s still sought out to this day. The Behringer Europower PMP2000D features reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, and pitch shifter effects presets from Klark Teknik’s library, presented in stunning 24-bit depth and assignable to any of the 14 channels.

Weight 15 kg
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