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Anywhere between 100W to 500W/4 ohms per channel
Four to twelve mic/line input channels with 3-band EQ and inserts
Two stereo line input channels with 3-band EQ
Switchable low cut filter set at 75Hz on mic input channels
Stereo 7-band graphic EQ assignable to main or aux 1 (Plus models only)
32/40-bit digital effect processor with 16 effect programs and one main parameter control (820 only)
Solid phonic system (sPs) speaker enhancement circuit (K12 and K16 only)
Two AUX sends and two EFX sends per channel on Plus models
One AUX send and one EFX send per channel on Powerpod 820
Global +48V phantom power for mic inputs (grouped on Powerpod 1860 Plus)
Two 1/4-inch phone jack outputs per channel for speaker connection on Powerpod 820
Molded protective cover to avoid scratching and marking when on the road (Plus models only)
Rugged metal main chassis with integrated handle for increased versatility (Plus models only)
Mains power switchable between 115 and 230Vac (Plus models only)
One professional speaker connector and two 1/4” phone jacks per channel for speaker connection (Plus models only)
At least one 32/40-bit digital effect processor, each with 100 effects plus tap delay effects, test tones and foot switch jacks (Plus models only)

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Phonic’s Powerpod series of desktop powered mixers offer phenomenal power in easily manageable, portable constructions. With anywhere between 8 and 16 input channels, each featuring 3-band EQs, gain control and low-cut filters – the Powerpods all offer staggering high output power ratings at relatively low impedances. The Powerpod 1860 Plus, Powerpod K12 Plus and Powerpod K16 Plus all feature a removable protective cover that protects the surface of the mixer from damage, dust and normal wear and tear during transit. All Powerpods offer at least one fantastic 32/40-bit digital effect processor with a number of the most popular effects among musicians. Perfect for use in houses of worship, function halls, clubs, bars, and other settings requiring moderately sized yet highly portable powered mixers.

Weight 65 kg
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