DSM Humboldt Bass Station

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The Simplifier Bass Station covers a lot of ground, from honky notes through to mid-gain funk and into growling rock – even onto aggressive modern metal attack. When cleaned up, the Bass Station is a brilliant platform for your more experimental pedals or a simple drive and compressor. It accommodates both passive and active bass pickups with aplomb.

There’s a lot happening on the face of the Simplifier Bass Station. But in practice, that’s a good thing. No diving into menus and sub menus here – everything is as you see it. Flick a switch or turn a dial and your tone changes in true analogue fashion.

Take control of a three-band EQ with a mids frequency range selection to sculpt your base sound. Blend your bass signal from a fully dry effects loop tone to a fully wet preamp. On the left side of the pedal you’ll find your cab sim solutions. Dive into three cab sizes, a speaker colour to add character and dials for mic position and resonance.


Slot the Bass Station neatly into your portable setup to act as a centralised tonal hub. Quiet playing is no problem with the headphones input. Two send and returns effects loops are available to run your pedals in parallel for a wet/dry rig. Simply put, the Simplifier covers all aspects of direct interface recording or front of house live use.

Key Features

  • Three-band EQ
  • Mid Frequency select
  • Three-size and three-colour cab sim
  • Mic position, resonance and blend cab sim controls
  • Headphones input
  • Parallel effects loop
  • DI outs
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