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Revolt Guitar & Bass Analog Amp Simulator Pedal

From sublime cleans to the gnarliest of Metal tones, your performance demands the pinnacle in tonal excellence. Enter ReVolt Guitar, a forward-thinking all-analog 3-channel Amp Sim primed to serve as the beating-heart of your rig. The latest-iteration of Two notes’ …


JHS Pedal Overdrive Preamp Pedal

In 2019 Brand owner Josh Scott stumbled across a pedal that didn’t exist, the Twilight Zone theme song. It was a DOD Overdrive / Preamp that predated the “Gray Box” 250 pedals that everyone– himself included –had assumed were the …


RockBoard Power Block – Multi Power Supply

    A compact multi-power supply offering an 18V DC power supply with exchangeable multi-regional plug adapters. The RockBoard Power Block is a compact multi-power supply for effects pedals and offers 10 power slots for the parallel power supply of …


Jackson Audio The Optimist

  “The Optimist is the most versatile overdrive pedal I’ve ever used. Designed to give me a full range of drive levels for punchy rhythm to soaring lead. The Klon has been this mystical and hyped-up circuit for years, and …


Boss IR-200 Amp & IR Cabinet

Direct Amp and IR Power for Performance, Recording, and Practice     Introducing the IR-200, the most advanced compact amp/IR solution available. This powerhouse stomp brings next-level performance to direct sound for guitar and bass, offering exceptional audio quality, premium …


JHS 3 Series Phaser Pedal

Vintage-inspired 6-stage Phaser Pedal at a Steal Add a half-century of classic phaser effects to your sound with the JHS 3 Series Phaser Pedal! Rather than spend the hundreds if not thousands of dollars on vintage units, the 3 Series …


JHS 3 Series Hall Reverb Pedal

Cavernous and Otherworldly Reflections Come to the 3 Series Much like JHS’s other pedals in this series, everything is accomplished with a simple set of three controls and a toggle switch. Verb, Dampen, and Decay controls let you dial in …


JHS 3 Series Flanger Pedal

The Best of Classic Flange Effects at a Great Price The JHS 3 Series Flanger Pedal takes inspiration from vintage flangers just like these, packing decades of delectable modulation in a single pedal priced for all! Though seemingly simple on …


Two Notes Torpedo Captor X Reactive Loadbox DI and Attenuator

Your Tube Amp’s Best Friend Playing your tube amp in a great sounding room, with an exceptional choice of perfectly matches speaker cabinets and microphones, is truly joyous and an unparalleled expeerience. The Torpedo Captor X  is for tube amp …


JHS PackRat Distortion Pedal

In 1978, the most versatile and influential distortion pedal of all time was invented in Kalamazoo, MI. Scott Burnham and Steve Kiraly first had the idea after playing, repairing and modifying all the available distortion pedals on the market. They …

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