JHS 3 Series Hall Reverb Pedal


Cavernous and Otherworldly Reflections Come to the 3 Series

Much like JHS’s other pedals in this series, everything is accomplished with a simple set of three controls and a toggle switch. Verb, Dampen, and Decay controls let you dial in the perfect level of reverb with the ability to cut down on high frequencies and extend the decay to near infinity for washed-out intergalactic ambiance. Flip on the Modulate switch and experiment with the unique sounds that follow to find the perfect reverb for any instrument or vocal track. Outfit your pedalboard with the JHS Hall Reverb and any of their 3 Series pedals for high performance at a can’t-miss price!

LENGTH 4.42” X WIDTH 2.38” X HEIGHT 1.22

The JHS Pedals 3 Series is a collection of pedals designed to give you affordability and simplicity without compromising quality. Each 3 Series pedal is made by us in Kansas City, MO, using high-quality parts, quality control, and attention to every detail. Each pedal has three simple controls and one toggle that offer a wide range of sounds, perfect for beginners and professionals alike. The JHS Pedals 3 Series will inspire your playing and help you explore new sounds at a totally approachable price point.

The 3-Series Hall Reverb is inspired by the sounds of large reverberated spaces, cathedrals and halls where the decay of natural reverb seemingly goes on forever. This pedal is perfect for players who are searching for massive, infinite and even otherworldly reverb. The JHS Pedals 3 Series Hall Reverb runs on 9V DC Negative Center power and consumes 70mA.



Pedal Type: Hall Reverb

Inputs: 1 x 1/4″

Outputs: 1 x 1/4″

True Bypass: Yes

Power Source: 9V DC power supply required (sold separately)

Power Usage: 70mA

Height: 1.22″

Width: 2.38″

Depth: 4.42″


  • Affordable, streamlined hall/cathedral reverb pedal
  • Simple 3-knob design: Verb, Dampen, and Decay
  • Dial in natural hall reverbs all the way to out-of-this-world reflections with a single pedal
  • Modulate switch adds in additional tonal flavoring for one-of-a-kind reverb sounds
  • Runs on 9V DC negative center power
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